Remembering Our Gratitude for Those Who Chose Japan日本語


We express our gratitude towards international stdents who chose Japan as their destination of studying abroad by founding this company, with the primary purpose of providing international students and foreigners in Japan with the assistance they need to seize their happiness. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the Japanese society as well as the international community.


If you are a foreigner in Japan who is currently working and seriously looking for a career change, please speak with our gooojob advisors. At gooojob, we have advisors who specialize in providing consulting services to foreigners currently working in Japan and they will make their best effort to support you.

Japanese Lessons

At gooojob, we have business level Japanese lessons designed specifically for job searching. The contents of lessons include various types of simulated situations catering to each student's level of Japanese skills.

Change of Visa Status and Consultation

We provide support and consultation for complicated matters such as foreigner registration, visa matters, taxes, medical care, and social insurance.

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