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Terms of Use

The following terms are the agreements one must confrim and agrree to before using the services provided by j Career Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Company.

Article 1 (The Company)

The services provided by the Company, hereinafter referred to as Services, shall be defined as the services as followed, both directly provided or indirectly provided through our website by the Company.

1. Job Searching Support Service

The Company will introduce job placement based on what we think would be suitable, provide advisory, and introduce seminars for free based on the past experiences, skills, and future goals of the user (job seeker) for the in accordance to Employment Security Act. The scope of job introduction will be as the following.

(1)The Company shall take responsibility in ensuring we introduce jobs to job seekers that match their expectations and skills. Our support from the user registration to entering a company will be free of charge.
(2)We will not introduce jobs at companies where employees have gone on strikes. Also, we will not introduce jobs which might involve unlawful activities. (We cannot gurantee that the jobs we introduce do not involve unlawful activities)
(3)We will not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender, social status, lineages, jobs taken in the past, and involvement in labor unions.

2.MyPage Service

MyPage is a service for registered users at the Company which enables our users to check the details of the jobs our advisors introduced to them.
By using this service, one can apply for positions and submit inquiries regarding the position. However, please understand that users can only use this service if we see introduction of jobs as a possibility.

Article 2 (Registered User)

A Registered User is a person who applied and was granted the right to use or one who is already using our service.
The Registered User agrees to all of our terms of service including its future updated versions, at the point of application for our service or at the point of using our service, whichever takes place earlier.

Article 3 (Application for our Services and its Screening)

Application for the use of our Services shall follow our designated methods.
Application for the use of our Services is only considered complete after we complete in-house screening and approving your application.
The Company has the right to terminate the use of our Services at any time for those who has completed application or been using our services in actuality should we consider it inappropriate to provide further services. In principle, the Company will not disclose the reasons for such judgement nor will the Company answer related inquiries.
The Company will not assume any accountability for damages arising from the previous articles.

Article 4 (ID and Password)

The Registerd User will be given an ID and a corresponding password.
The Registered User shall assume all responsibility in using and handling their given ID and password.
Regardless of circumstances, the Registered must not let others use their ID and password. Nor is the user allowed to let others use, transfer, lend, change registered names to others, collateralize their ID and password.
The Registered User shall assume all responsibility involving damages arising from misuse of their ID and password from third parties or themselves. Regardless of whether there is misconduct on the Registered User's side, the Company will not assume any responsibility.

Article 5 (Regarding Personal Information)

1. Adhering to JIS Q 15001 Standards
Protection of personal information will adhere to JIS Q 15001 standards and will be executed in highest standard of conduct based on personal information protection control system formulated provided it is appropriate to the actual state of our company.

2. Appropriate Acquisition

Collection, use, and distribution of personal Information must abide by personal information protection control system and its related rules.

3. Use for other Purposes is Forbidden

Personal information may only be used within the scope of specified purposes and must not be used for other purposes.

4. Ensuring Security

The company must take organizational, technical, personal, and physical measures given they are appropriate in nature to counter unlawful access, loss, destruction, falsification, and disclosure of personal information. Security management measures shall be improved if known to be in adequate due to changes in social situations.

5. Handling of Complaints and Consultations

We will continue to improve our privacy policy after reviewing complaints and consultations.

6. Abiding by Law

We shall abide by laws and regulations related to protection of personal information, guidelines provided by the government, industry customes, and generally accepted code of ethics.

7. Maintenance and Improvement of Management System

Personal information protection control system, its related regulations, and personal information protection system will shall regularly and continuously reviewed and improved.

■ Inquiries Regarding Personal Information Protection
〒113-0034 Ochanomizu Plaza Bldg 2F, 1-3-11, Yushima, Bunkyo-ward, Tokyo
j Career Co., Ltd.

Article 6 (Providing of Services)

The Registered User agrees beforehand to be contacted via means such as e-mail, post, telephone, and fax. The same applies to users who only completed initial registration by providing their basic information such as name, date of birth, e-mail address, and telephone number.
The Registered User agrees beforehand that the Company will make use of usage status and other non-personal information, by editing and publishing them on medium such as newspaper, advertisement, magazine and other media.
The Registered User agrees that partner companies of the Company, publishers, and mass media, will make use of usage status and other non-personal information by editing, publishing, and including them on their published works.
In case of section 2 and 3 of this article, the published materials and its related copyright, belong to the Company free of charge. The Company will make its best effort to ensure that no personal information related to the Registered User is made public.
The Company assumes no accountability for damages arising from contents of previous sections.

Article 7 (Information Provided by the Company)

Information on the Company's website contains information provided by third party, which include company information, company advertisement, and job posts. These will be referred to as Third Party Information. The Company will not guarantee the authenticity, integrity, completeness, accuracy, lawfulness, safety, effectiveness, and appropriateness of such information. The Company will assume no accountability regarding damages arising from Third Party Information.

Article 8 (Job Post Verification)

The Company will match Registered Users with jobs based on the information they provded us with, but we will not disclose our criteria of decision and reasons that lead to such judgement. In addition, after we received formal application for job openings from Registered Users, the Company may evaluate whether the Registered Users to be suitable for the particular job opening based on criteria set out by the employers.

Article 9 (Non-guarantees)

The Company does not guarantee that there are no errors and other technical problems existing on our website as well as whether there are viruses and other harmful elements on our servers. The company also does not guarantee that there are no defects with the hardware we use to provide services.
The Company does not guarantee that the use of our services by Registered Users does not cause any infringement of rights to third parties.
The Company does not guarantee the use of our Services will be completely useful and effective in achieving success in job searching and career changing.
The Registered User must understand the previous sections before agreeing to the terms. When using our Services, it is the responsibility of the Registered Users to take precautions (Backing up materials, storing them, and using other related job searching services, etc.) to prevent expenses and damages arising from our non-guarantees.
The Company will not assume any accountability for damages arising from previous sections.

Article 10 (Termination and Cancellation of Services)

1.The Company may terminate the provision of this service without giving prior notice to the Registered Users and obtaining their consent under the following situations.
(1)Situations when the Registered User breaches the matters set out by this agreement.
(2)Situations when we cannot get in touch with the Registered User one month after the day which notification of career changing support was sent out.
(3)Situations when the registered user does not reply to us without legitimate reasons.
(4)Situations when requests beyond the scope of our Services are being repeated made.
(5)Situations when there is insufficient personal information provided to us by the Registered User.
(6)Situations when it is considered that a relationship based on trust between the Registered User and the Company cannot be maintained.

2. The Company may alter the content of our Services, or temporarily suspend the provision of Services when any of the following situations is considered to have taken place.
(1)Situations when the infrastructure and system, hereinafter referred to as System, used to provide Services are under periodic maintenance or inspection, or when emergency updates become necessary thus rendering it difficult to provide Services.
(2) Situations when System is under attacks by computer viruses that cannot be prevented by most reasonable anti-virus measures and when provision of Services are difficult because of natural disasters such as fire, power failure, storms, and earthquakes.
(3) Situations when unexpected System failure occur.
(4) Situations when other unexpected situations have caused the provision of services to be difficult.
The Company may suspend or terminate provision of Services due to reasons other than the aforementioned situations provided that it does so after making announcement on its website for a period of time or after directly notifying Registered Users.
The Company assumes no accountability for damages arising from contents of previous sections.

Article 11 (Forbidden Matters)

1. The following activities are forbidden when applying for this Service and using this service.
(1) Entering false or inaccurate information.
(2) Activities that involve or might cause slander, intimidation, extortion to other Registered Users or third parties.
(3) Infringement of copyright, trademark, and other intellectual properties of other Registered Users or third parties.
(4) Infringement of property, honor, privacy, and portrait rights of other Registered Users and third parties.
(5) The replication, sale, and publication of information obtained through the Service by all means. The Use of our Service beyond the scope of personal use.
(6) Conducting for-profit distribution of information, commercial activities, and missionary activities using this Service.
(7) Activities that interfere with the operation of this Service, damage the Company's credibility, or other activities that may cause such things to happen.
(8) Slander, intimidation, and extortion to the Company (including its directors and employees), and other acts that interferes with the company's operations, or any other activities that may cause such things to happen.
(9) Any activities that lead to criminal activities.
(10) Contacting employers who we match job seekers with and undertaking recruiting processes with employers without our permission.
(11)Any activities against public order and morality.
(12)Any activities that are against any existing laws and regulatiions or activities that may lead to such outcomes.

2. The Registered User must declare whether their current situations match the following clauses at the time of registration as well as in the future. Failure to do so will result in termination of Services.
(1) Antisocial groups Crime syndicates, gang members, persons who ceased to be a gang member less than five years ago, associate gang members, companies or associations related to crime syndicates, corporate racketeers, groups (now gangs) pretending to be social activists, organized crime-related specialists, and other similar persons
(2) Not being part of antisocial forces and anything that should be socially condemned.

Article 12 (Confidentiality)

The Registered User must not directly or indirectly cause information regarding the Company, its customers, and others' personal information the Registered User obtained by using this Service to be destructed, los, published, used, duplicated, copied, disclosed, provided and leaked (Regardless of whether the content is operational or technical related, or the information had been publically known, leading to disadvantage to the rights holders) without authorization.

Article 13 (Responsibilities)

The Registered User must assume all responsibility when using this Service.
The Registered User must assume all responsibility regarding information entered during registration. The company will assume no responsibility.
The Registered Users may use all the information that came to their knowledge to only facilitate their own job searching and changing activities. This means they must not use the information beyond the scope of personal use, nor can they disclose the information to third parties.
It is the Registered User's own responsibility to confirm conditions of employment and details of employment contract which is formed between the Registered User and the employer. The Company will not guarantee whether the final employment contract will be the same as what the Company previously presented to the Registered User.

Article 14 (Immunity)

By using this Service, the Registered User agrees that there is a possibility where a career change may not happen, and that in case of dispute regarding employment conditions with the employer, the Registered user must assume all responsibility and costs in resolving the dispute.
The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by registering and using our Service. If the cause of damage to the Registered User is directly attibutable to the Company, only partial responsibility will be assumed within a reasonable scope. The Company will not be held responsible for other damages.

Article 15 (Changing of Terms of Use)

The company may, without prior notice, modify this terms of use. After modification, a new version will be published on the website. A month after publication, the Registered User is considered to have agreed to the new terms of use.

Article 16 (Termination)

According to Article 10 and 11, the company may, without prior notice, cease to provide Service when the Registered User is considered to engage in inappropriate activities. The Company is not responsible for all damages caused by termination of Services. In addition, this clause does not prevent the company from seeking damage claims from the Registered User.
In case of the previous section, the company has no obligation to make disclosure and answer to inquiries regarding the basis of its judgement.

Article 17 (Suspension)

The User may stop using this Service at any time in accordance with the matters that we specified or defined.

Article 18 (Restitution)

User will accept claim for restitution if a user's use of this Service resulted in damages to the Company, its directors and employees, its customers, other Users, employers, and other third parties. User will assume responsibility and costs in compensating for the damage.
In case of the previous section, the Company is not responsible for claims of damage from its directors and employees, its customers, other Users, employers, and other third parties, and the User will be the one to assume responsibility and costs in resolving the issue.

Article 19 (Competent Court)

The Company and User agrees that any disputes between the two will be governed by the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court. First instance trial shall be exclusively held at Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court.

Article 20 (Governing Law)

The interpretation of this terms of use will be governed by Japanese law.

Article 21 (Partial Invalidation)

Even in instances where a part of the Terms os Use is clearly made illegal or invalid as breaching the laws and regulations of Japan by an official interpretation by a judicial authority, regulatory agency or other administrative authority, the remaining parts of the Terms of Use shall remain valid as before.

Article 22 (Handling of Complaints)

In case we receive complaints, the representative handling complaints at the Company will seek cooperation with employment agencies such as Hello Work, industry groups, supervisory authorities, and overseas employment agencies if the job involve working with our overseaa partners, in order to promptly resolve all issues.

Article 23 (Contact Information)

Please contact via the following for inquiries regarding this Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

j Career Co., Ltd. Gooojob Support
〒113-0034 Ochanomizu Plaza Bldg 2F, 1-3-11, Yushima, Bunkyo-ward, Tokyo
(Business Hours Weekday AM 9:00 - PM 17:00※) During New Year Holidays we may respond on next business day
※For confirmation and documentation purposes, phone calls may be recorded.

Supplementary Provision

Drafted on December 25th, 2014